CE-30005-8 Error Has Been Solved


CE-30005-8 Error is solved in this article

CE-30005-8 Error Message Content  Error occurred while accessing the Hard Disk Drive (“HDD“) or Blu-ray / DVD Drive and the CE-30005-8 Error Code.

By displaying this code on the PS4 console, it appears that the console has trouble reading data from a Hard Disk Drive or Blu-ray / DVD drive.CE-30005-8 Error

While working with your PlayStation 4 console, you may encounter issues that you do not know, and your work may be disrupted. Fortunately, the Sony PlayStation console system is designed to show you a problem with an error strike, with an error code consisting of English letters and numbers, which you can easily troubleshoot by searching between the codes of the error. Recognize and fix we will look at the reason why the CE-30005-8 can be displayed and how to resolve this error on the PlayStation 4 console. CE-30005-8

Please Follow The Following Steps

Check Blu-ray Disc Drive

  • At first, we check if Blu-ray Disc is all right.
  • Once the disc is removed, look carefully at the back of the disc for scratches and dirt.
  • If there is a wound it may be the cause.
  • If there is nothing, try inserting the disc again.
  • If you still get the same error, check the Blu-ray Disc drive itself for damage.
  • Find out if you can play and play Blu-ray Disc such as movies and animations or other games.
  • If movie software such as movies and animations can be played, fast-forwarded, chaptered, etc. without any problems at all, there may be no problem with the Blu-ray Disc drive.

If you can insert the disc of another game and play without problems, there may be a problem with the disc of the game in which the error occurs. CE-30005-8

Check hard disk

If you can play Blu-ray movies and movies, but you get an error when you play the game, there may be a problem with the hard disk.

  • To check this, check if the downloaded game can be played on the PlayStation Store instead of the disc
  • The downloaded game does not use a disk drive, so if it can play normally, the possibility of a problem with the hard disk is reduced.

If you get the error CE-30005-8 even with the downloaded game, there may be a problem with the hard disk.

Method 1

  • First, back up your saved data
  • Please see the support site below for how to back up. (Or search by “PS4 Backup”)
  • After backing up, turn off the PS4.
  • After that, touch the power button on the PS4 for about 7 seconds.
  • Then a beep will sound and PS4 will start up in “Safe Mode”.
  • Several menus are displayed on the TV and monitor screen.
  • Execute the “Rebuild database” which is included in it.
  • After rebuilding, start PS4 normally and restore saved data that was backed up.
  • Then try to start the game. CE-30005-8

Method 2


Method 3 HDD is broken

I fixed it myself by this method, please be careful because it will be a waste of money if you do not understand everything.

As a result of investigating the cause, it is for those who find that there is a problem with the hard disk.

  • First of all, it is the division where there is a cause.
  • Motherboard or Blu-ray drive or HDD or other parts
  • First, I tried to download a suitable game from the PS store.
  • Then the game works without problems.
  • At this point, it turns out that the body is alive.
  • Well, it’s a replacement.

If you get a CE-30005-8 error, you need to find out what is wrong with the Blu-ray Disc drive or the hard disk drive.

If you think it seems a bit impossible, let’s get in touch with the support

Hard disk corruption is most often caused by a loss of power while reading or writing to the hard disk, for example, due to a power failure or a power failure. Not turning off the power in the correct way is the cause of breaking with a very high probability. Also, strong magnets near the hard disk can cause it to break. CE-30005-8

Support of PlayStation if you have any problem…….!


its HHD problem only upgrades from 500gb 5400rpm hard drive to 1TB 7200rpm hard drive…!
How to Download and Update Ps4

get a flash drive separate from the drive and then you will update it and you need two..!
then go to your ps4 and plug into the flash drive, once you have a plug in your flash drive go to the settings on your ps4 and click on application saved data management then press X on the saved data in system storage, then copy to your USB storage device, and now you go to each game and then select the data to the flash drive, when you replace the hard drive then you have saved all your games in flash drive. Once you replace the hard drive just go back to the application saved data management settings then select ” saved data on USB storage device” when you plug in the USB storage device and go to the process of copying all you have saved in the drive…!

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