Fixed : WS-37504-9 Error – Failed to connect playstation Network?


Failed to connect playstation Network? WS-37504-9 Error Is FIXED

Failed to connect to PlayStation Network “WS-37504-9 error is displayed and a failure has occurred that can not connect to PSN.

Keep Following The Steps

Currently, the following error is displayed on PlayStation 4 and so on. Users not connected to PSN are increasing rapidly.

Could not connect to PlayStation Network. This WS-37504-9 Error Now it is going to be solved


The PlayStation Network may be temporarily unable to connect. Please try again later. You can check the fault and maintenance information by selecting [Settings][Network][View PlayStation Network service status] or accessing with a PC or smartphone.

A “Can’t load” error may be displayed, or a different error may be displayed for each game, such as ” Error has occurred. NP-39225-1 ” Error will be displayed in Butop 2 There is also a problem such as not being able to move forward, not being able to read, etc.

If you try to display “Viewing the status of services on PlayStation Network” from PlayStation 4 as instructed, you will only see ” All services are running normally ” without any problem


Even if you check PSN’s fault information/maintenance information page, the corresponding fault information has not been posted

Many users and many game titles cannot be connected to PSN at the same time, and it seems that PlayStation Network is experiencing a major failure.

Please do not take any specific measures such as setting change or reset of PlayStation4 or router, and wait for recovery for a while.

Failure to connect to PSN with error “Could not connect to PlayStation Network“.


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