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WC-40382-7 Error Fix

The reason for the WC-40382-7 error on the PS4 can really be that you entered incorrect data from a credit card earlier. However, in some cases, an error may appear even with the correct data entered. So what should you do if you see error WC-40382-7 when trying to buy something from the Play Station Store.

Check Bank Card Details

Let’s immediately make sure that you entered the bank card details correctly in the Wallet settings. You probably remember how to get there, but still

  • Features screen → Settings → PlayStation ™ Network / Account Management → Account information → Wallet.

Get to the Wallet settings, and carefully consider whether the data from the bank card that you previously entered is correct and true. We found some inconsistency – the WC-40382-7 error on the PS4 was probably due to this. Enter the correct information, and then try to make a purchase in the Play station Store again.

Check The Exposed Address

An account at Sony Entertainment Network is simply necessary to make good use of Sony’s brand store. As you probably can remember, when creating this account, you had to indicate in its settings the address that is associated with your credit / bank card. Error WC-40382-7 on PS4 could appear just because the wrong address was entered by accident.

You need to go back to your Sony Entertainment Network account settings and check the information you entered earlier. If it does not correspond to reality, then simply replace it with the correct one, after which the problem will be fixed.

Nevertheless, if the data in the SEN and in the PSN Wallet are entered correctly, but you still encounter the error WC-40382-7, then, unfortunately, the situation begins to acquire different colors.

Re-add Your Credit/Bank card

So, we entered the territory of the experiments: the data that you entered earlier when filling out the PSN and SEN account turned out to be quite correct, but error WC-40382-7 is still present when trying to buy something. The next way to get rid of the problem discussed in this article is to re-add a credit/bank card.

To do this, you will again have to go back to the

Wallet settings:  Function Screen → Settings → PlayStation ™ Network / Account Management → Account Information → Wallet.

Once you reach the desired settings, delete your credit card, and then re-add it. As soon as you re-add it, go to the Play station Store and try to make a previously desired purchase. Often, many users just get rid of the WC-40382-7 error on the PS4.

Link Another Credit/Bank Card

Sometimes, none of the above simply works, you have few alternatives left, one of which is to use another credit/bank card. Yes, not every person has several, but if you have one more card, then you can try to tie it.

As soon as you remove the old card and attach a new one, try to make a purchase in the Play Station Store to check if the WC-40382-7 error appears on the PS4. If you find yourself in exactly the same situation as with another card, then, unfortunately, you have little left: use PayPal if you need to make a purchase urgently or just wait a bit, and then try to tie a credit / bank card.

Error WC-40382-7 is solved quite simply, as you can see, and it occurs in most cases due to incorrectly entered bank card information, which happens from time to time with each PS4 user. However, at times, error WC-40382-7 may, for some reason, linger on the console and resolve with time itself or after a credit card is re-added.

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