Xcom 3: A New Hope For The Future


If you’re a fan of strategy games, XCOM 3 is one title that should be at the top of your list. It’s been designed to offer an intense and highly rewarding gameplay experience, complete with intricate strategic planning and fast-paced action.  

One thing that sets this game apart from other genre titles is its storytelling approach. Rather than dump information on you through long blocks of text, the developers have opted for an interactive narrative system that allows players to make choices that influence how the game progresses. 

This makes for a much more engaging experience overall, ensuring you’ll want to see what happens next, no matter how difficult things may get. The game also features multiplayer modes, which allow players to team up and take on rivals in cooperative and competitive settings – perfect if you’re looking for some extra challenge or want some war experience. 

An Improved GeoEscape 

It would be great if the GeoEscape in the XCOM 3 game were improved. For example, when you are looking for a lost soldier or trying to find an objective on the map, it would be helpful to see what is around that area as well. It can get frustrating not knowing where your character is supposed to go and search through all other buildings or objects on the map.

Another thing that could be included in this game is better zoom capabilities so players can get a closer look at specific areas they want to investigate. Often, enemies or objectives may blend in with their surroundings, making it difficult to distinguish them from everything else on-screen without zooming in close; this feature would help eliminate any possible confusion during gameplay scenarios.

Additionally, additional indicators should be added, such as arrows directing players towards their next destination – something like this has been seen in games such as Fallout 4 and helped make navigation much simpler overall within these general ideas.

However, everyone suggests leaving some degree of exploration up to player choice to provide a more engaging experience instead of narrowing down activities. Too many Players enjoy feeling empowered by their fate rather than restricted by developers’ wishes.

For Those Who Are Awaiting

Many gamers are anxiously awaiting the release of XCOM 3, rumored to come out in late 2017. This game has not been officially announced yet, but plenty of clues suggest it is in development. For example, back in February 2016, an anonymous developer who worked on the original Xcom game posted on the gaming forum NeoGAF that he was working on a “spiritual successor” to XCOM 2. 

In May 2016, Firaxis Games registered a trademark for “XCOM-3”, and then later that year they released the expansion pack War of The Chosen for XCOM 2, which included numerous references to a potential sequel.

All these clues indicate that work is underway on XCOM-3, although we still don’t know many details about it. It will likely be another turn-based strategy game set in the future world where aliens are trying to take over Earth. Players will again take control of an elite squad of soldiers who must defend our planet from these aliens’ threats using strategic planning and quick reflexes.

Bases of XCOM 3

Bases in XCOM 3 are sprawling hubs of activity, containing everything from laboratories and shooting ranges to barracks and stores. Each base is unique, with different layouts and facilities depending on the game’s mission focus. Each base will have several key areas that players must use to complete missions successfully.

The command center is the heart of any XCOM base; players can issue orders to their soldiers, manage resources, and research new technology. The central section of the map houses all essential functions, including the Engineering Bay (where new weapons and armor can be designed), Medbay (where injured soldiers can be treated), Workshop (where items can be constructed or repaired), and Barracks( where soldiers are trained). 

Adjacent sections house additional rooms such as bedrooms for troops, weapon stockpiles, armories, and training grounds. XCOM bases also feature other useful amenities like shops where equipment can be purchased or upgraded, alien containment cells for holding captured aliens, psi testing labs for studying psionic powers, and aircraft hangars allowing players access to interceptors needed to shoot down UFOs.

Storyline Of XCOM 3

In this game, the player will assume control of a small resistance force fighting against an alien occupation. The aliens have taken over most of the world, leaving only a few pockets of human resistance. The player’s goal is to rebuild humanity’s shattered armies and expel the alien invaders from Earth. 

To do this, they must gather resources, build bases and turrets, research new technology, and assemble a powerful army to take on the aliens in thrilling tactical combat scenarios. XCOM 3‘s all-new engine brings unprecedented graphics fidelity and excitement to the turn-based strategy genre. Soldiers can now run for cover with realistic animations, climb ladders fluidly, and jump over obstacles.

They also look more realistic than ever due to face scanning technology that captures every detail of their facial features. In addition, new environments range from lush jungle capes to burn-out cities ravaged by war. Players can use vehicles, including tanks, APCs, helicopters, and jet fighters; each offers unique advantages on the battlefield.

Strategy and Tactics

One key draw for XCOM 3 is its balance between strategy and tactics. The player has a lot of control over how their army functions on the battlefield but must also make careful decisions about where to allocate limited resources. 

This requires thought in each battle, and the global meta-game as the player seeks to expand their territory, research new technology, and build up an arsenal capable of defeating ADVENT’s soldiers and UFOs. 

With so much at stake, it can be agonizing when a game ends prematurely due to the map size being too small/breached’. This happens twice in many hours playing XCOM-3 (on PC), resulting in having to start a new one with an appropriately enlarged map. 

While disappointing, it is understandable why Firaxis might choose to enforce such draconian limitations; after all, maximizing replay value is one key goal for any video game developer. He said, “He feels that perhaps in future iterations, they could find a way to increase map sizes without compromising other core aspects of the gameplay experience”.

Turn Sequence

The game of XCOM 3 progresses through a sequence of turns, with each player taking one turn in order. The first player is the commander of the XCOM unit. Their turn typically consists of issuing orders to their troops and performing other actions, such as moving units around or assaulting enemies. 

All other players take turns in clockwise order from the beginning of the round and can take any action they wish so long as it does not interfere with another’s planned actions. After all, players have had a chance to act, play then return to the commander for their next turn. This continues until all enemies are defeated, or the timer runs out, at which point victory is determined based on who has accomplished more objectives. 


There are a variety of classes available to players in XCOM 3. Each class has unique abilities and perks that make it valuable on the battlefield. The Assault class is good at close-range combat and can deal great damage with firearms. They’re also proficient in using grenades, making them a threat even from a distance.

The Heavy class is perfect for taking down tougher enemies. Heavies wield powerful weapons like miniguns and rocket launchers, which can devastate large groups of aliens or mechanical opponents alike. They’re also quite resilient, able to take more hits than other classes before going down.

The Engineer is essential for repairing damaged objects and setting up defenses around your base camp. Their EMP grenades can disable electronic devices enemy forces depend on, giving you an edge in battle. Additionally, they have bonus skills that help them gather resources quickly, allowing you to build new equipment faster. 

Sniper rifles are the primary weapon for Snipers, though they carry a sidearm for closer encounters. With their long-range precision shots, they’re great at thinning out enemy ranks without putting themselves in danger positional speaking) Medics are equipped with assault rifles.

Aircrafts And Vehicles

In XCOM 3, there are a variety of vehicles that can be used in combat. The Interceptor is a fast and maneuverable aircraft for air-to-air and air-to-ground attacks. It is armed with two plasma cannons and powerful engines that allow it to make quick getaways if needed. 

The Archangel is a VTOL aircraft that can be used for transport or as an attack vehicle. It is equipped with two gauss cannons, making it effective against ground and airborne targets. The Griffin Fighter Jet is specially designed for aerial dogfighting missions, and its four rapid-fire laser guns make short work of any enemy fighter planes encountered in the sky.

The Hercules Transport Helicopter can carry up to 12 soldiers into battle, making it ideal for quickly deploying reinforcements on the battlefield. It also has two miniguns which make it useful for attacking enemy positions from the air. 

Strengthened Squad Attachment

One of the main selling points of XCOM 3 is the strengthened squad attachment, which gives players more control over their soldiers and a better chance at battle success. Each soldier has a unique skill set, which can be utilized differently depending on the player’s strategy. 

The strengthened squad attachment also makes it easier for players to manage their resources, as they can focus on specific tasks instead of having to spread themselves thin. The strengthened squad attachment is an essential feature that greatly enhances the gameplay experience.

Unaligned Factions

The Unaligned factions of XCOM 3 are a varied and eclectic group consisting of rebels, outlaws, and freedom fighters. Each faction has its motivations and goals, but they all share a hatred for the alien occupation. While they may not be allies, the unaligned factions are united in their fight against the aliens and will work together when necessary to achieve their objectives.

One such faction is the Reapers. A loose coalition of rebel groups operating throughout North America, The Reapers have been fighting against the aliens since they invaded Earth. They are experts at guerrilla warfare, using hit-and-run tactics to harass enemy forces. Despite being outgunned and outnumbered, The Reapers never give up hope that they can eventually overthrow the alien occupiers.

Another prominent faction is EXALT (Extraterrestrial Assault League). Originally formed as a civilian watchdog group aimed at exposing XCOM’s activities to the world, EXALT soon turned into a full-fledged resistance movement after learning about the true scope of the alien invasion. EXALT specializes in sabotage operations, using technical expertise to disrupt Alien advances wherever possible.

Invasion Sense

After careful planning and rehearsing, your XCOM unit is finally ready to launch its counterattack against the alien invaders. The aliens have been relentlessly pursuing world domination, but you will not let them succeed! With advanced weaponry and training, your team is more than capable of repelling the invader’s assault. 

The first few missions go smoothly; your soldiers can take down enemy forces easily. However, as you progress further into the game, it becomes clear that the aliens are far stronger than anticipated. They seem to be constantly evolving and adapting new strategies; it feels like they are one step ahead of you at all times. As panic spreads throughout the population, XCOM struggles to keep up with the ever-growing threat. 

Despite these challenges, though, you refuse to give up. You know that humanity needs XCOM now more than ever before if we hope to get through this invasion alive. 

Release Date

There has been no official announcement from Firaxis or 2K Games on the release date of XCOM 3, but plenty of clues suggest a 2020 launch. For example, Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick said in February that the company was planning to release “a new AAA title from one of our most successful franchises” this fiscal year, which ends on March 31st, 2020. It’s widely believed that the game is XCOM-3.

In addition, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that series composer Michael McCann recently updated his online portfolio with credits for work on an “unannounced video game.” While he doesn’t mention XCOM by name specifically, it’s a fair assumption, given his past involvement with the franchise. 

Assuming all these signs point to a late 2020 release window for XCOM 3, we could expect more concrete details – such as trailers and screenshots – to start emerging around E3 later this year. 


XCOM 3 is a fantastic game and is highly recommended to everyone who likes playing strategy games. The plot is a gripping backdrop for all the action, while the gameplay is incredibly difficult and captivating. The game has a terrific balance of action and strategy and has kept me interested for hours on end. Check out game 3 if you’re searching for a new game to get your teeth into.


What is XCOM 3?

XCOM 3 is the third game in the popular XCOM series. It’s a turn-based strategy game that pits you against an alien invasion.

What new features can we expect from XCOM 3?

The developers have not yet released any information about the upcoming game, so it is hard to say. However, they have hinted that there will be some significant changes.

What are the minimum system requirements for XCOM 3?

The game has not yet been released, so we do not have exact system requirements. However, they will likely be similar to XCOM 2, which require a 64-bit operating system, 8GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 video card.

What platforms will XCOM 3 be available on?

XCOM 3 will be released for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One. 

Will the game require an internet connection to play?

No, you can play XCOM 3 offline. However, some features, such as multiplayer mode and cooperative campaigns, may require a network connection.    

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