How To Fix a Ps4 Controller Not Charging Issues?


So your ps4 controller not charging? There are a variety of reasons your PS4 controller isn’t functioning properly . These reasons could range from minor issues, such as dust or cable issues, to more significant issues that could mean you’ll need to buy new controllers.

Causes of Why Your PS4 controller not charging

There are four possibilities that could be the reason your PS4 Controller not charging as usual:

  • There is a possibility of an issue with the cable connecting your controller with the charger. There’s a good chance that your USB cable has been broken or damaged.
  • There may be hardware issues like a damaged port or weakened battery.
  • The Charging port is damaged or prone to be filled with dust. This isn’t a good idea when trying to plug in the USB cable in the port.
  • The console itself could be experiencing issues that don’t work with the PS4 controller’s charging capabilities.

Before you set out to replace a troublesome PS4 controller, it’s an excellent idea to analyze the issue to determine whether you can get the device to recharge -it could be simpler than you imagine. And by the way, you can also check How to Fix It When PS4 Won’t Connect to WIFI lets go back to the topic.

These are the Six troubleshooting tips to help you return to playing sooner.

Solution 1. Connect the PS4 onto your PC or other devices to power it up

Some controllers aren’t able to charge directly through the PS4 But testing the controller by connecting it to other devices — such as an Android, Mac, PC, or Android can aid in determining the reasons behind why the controller isn’t charging.

When it’s charging through another source, then it’s likely it’s the PS4 itself that’s creating the issue.

Solution 2. Change the charging cable

The issue could be on the controller in itself, but rather with your charging cable. You can try a different cable or try using the cable to charge a different controller.

You may also examine your cable to see if it has physical evidence of damage, like fraying along the cord, or build-up of dirt in the plug.

Solution 3. Make sure you check the charging port

Dust or grit that has accumulated may cause a disruption to the power flow and prevent your device from charging. A quick swipe using a toothpick made of wood or compressed air can help.

Solution 4. Perform the power cycle using your PS4

Switch off the power to your PS4 console, controller, and console, and then disconnect the power cord of your PS4 to the power outlet. Give it 5-10 minutes and, with the PS4 unplugged, press the power button down for 30 seconds, allowing it to use all the energy left. After that, plug the PS4 back into the power outlet then turn it back on and check whether the issue has been resolved.

Solution 5. Reset and reconnect your controller

Navigate through your Settings menu in your PS4 and, under “Devices,” remove all devices from the list. On your controller, insert something inside the small hole in the lower part of the controller, and keep it there for 5 to 10 seconds. A toothpick or bobby pin, for instance, could be the answer.

After that, sync your controller with the PS4 by pressing your PS button.

Solution 6: Replace the batteries on your PS4 controller.

If you’ve tried the solutions listed above but your controller is still not charging don’t be discouraged. Try this final but very helpful solution. If you’ve been using the PS4 controller for a long duration then batteries of your controller may lose health and fail due to recharges that occur repeatedly. Therefore, try replacing the batteries with brand new PS4 batteries and check if they work. if you don’t know How To Change PS4 Controller Battery you can watch video by clicking here.

Take note that you are at ease to replace the battery of your controller, as it will not alter the warranty on your PS4. So don’t worry about applying these methods for ps4 controller not charging.


Q. How Can I Tell If My PS4 Controller is not Charging?

If you notice an amber light blinking on the controller, it indicates it is because the PS4 Controller is charging. The light turns off after the charging process is complete. You’ll be able to see these colors on the light bar of the controller.

Q. Why is my PS4 controller not charging or not turning on?

The PS4 controller might not be turning on due to a deficiency of power or damage or disruption to inside wiring. If you are experiencing a charging issue it could be the result of a damaged USB cable, a charging port that is damaged, an issue with the hardware, or an incompatibility. You may try using a different controller.

Q. Do PS4 Controller Batteries Die?

Each battery is limited in its lifespan and it is determined by its capacity. The batteries are rechargeable using an adapter for charging batteries or purchasing new batteries. The batteries are unable to remain charged for a long period of time when they are used for a long time.

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