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ps4 internet connection failed

Trying once again to connect your PS4 to a wireless Wi-Fi network, you may stumble upon a ps4 internet connection failed

The message of which will state that it is impossible to connect to Wi-Fi due to the possibly incorrectly entered WPA password for the network.

It is worth mentioning that this error is also able to appear on the PS4 consoles,

Which are first connected to Wi-Fi? Is there a specific reason for this error? Unfortunately, there is none, but in discussions on the ps4 internet connection failed ps4 internet connection failed

Two possible reasons most often come up: problems with the PS4 software and problems with the user’s router.

check the official site of PlayStation

Disconnect all other devices from wifi

The following method was advised by Sony itself on the official website about the appearance of the error NW-31201-7 Try disconnecting other devices from the Wi-Fi network that are already connected to it.

The idea is that your wireless network is under heavy load from other devices,
and the PS4 cannot join because of this. Disconnect a couple of tools from the system, and then try connecting the PS4 to Wi-Fi again.

If the error NW-31201-7 occurred due to network overload, then the problem should have been resolved. If not, move on.

Can not connect to the Wi-Fi network because the Wi-Fi password is not set correctly on the PS4, or the wireless network is busy. ps4 internet connection failed

Go to [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet Connection Setup] to configure the network settings again.

  • Type the IP address of your wireless router (often in your web browser and entering the username and password.
  • In some cases, depending on the routers you need to reduce your speed up from 600 MBPS to 54 MBPS only and enter the wireless settings for that.
  • For other users, they would have been successful after disabling the wireless password on their router or transferring the WPA2 security to something else. But it is not advisable to compromise your wireless security.
  • If all else fails, the ultimate and more radical solution is to connect your PlayStation 4 physically via a network cable.

Method 2

Your IP is manual, Change to automatic, Try It.

  • [Settings] > [Network] > [Test Internet Connection] (LAN or Wi-Fi) to confirm you can connect to the internet.
  • Go to IP address Settings > Select Manual
  • And just change or set 8.8.8 as your primary DNS and as your secondary DNS.

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  1. CE-33991-5 PS4 Error Code is a problem connecting in your local network or in the game server are unavailable. Check the psn status and check that all the services are working. If there is an issue, it simply follows the steps or contacts sony fix your problem.
  2. Rebook your network and disconnect your router and disconnect your console as while. remove all the cables and wait for 10 mins before connecting the power
  3. Change the DNS, reset the router, put fixed IP, automatic again, retry the connection as it puts on the internet.

Super-Fast DNS Servers For Ps4

DNS Servers On The Console

You should already know how to do? If you don’t; Please continue reading I think there is nothing complicated in this, but it is necessary that settings are in the tabs network. fast dns server 2019

It is important to understand that there is no completely perfect server in which everything would be smooth. All DNS servers have certain pros and cons, so only the user can make the choice of the optimal server. Sometimes you have to try everything, empirically determining the best settings. fast dns provider

The direction of DNS servers is also different. Some, of them, take the main goal – the maximum increase in speed. At the same time, other servers have a bias towards improving user security. Naturally, security systems slightly reduce performance.

fast dns provider and fast dns server 2019

DNS Provider Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server
DNS Advantage
German Privacy Foundation e.V. Deutschland
OpenDNS Home
Comodo Secure DNS
private Deutschland
Christoph Hochstätter USA
Norton ConnectSafe
Alternate DNS
FoeBuD e.V. Deutschland
Hurricane Electric
JSC Marketing USA

The most popular DNS server in the world, Almost half of Internet users use servers of this developer. Mostly servers from Google really increase the speed and quality of Internet on consoles. Another positive side is an easily remembered IP address. fast dns akamai

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

Use cloud computing and is managed by Cisco. High technology makes the server one of the most effective. This product perfectly combines safety and speed. fast dns akamai

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

It is the fastest DNS server and is in great demand in the world. In speed, it surpasses even the DNS from Google. The company also has an excellent IP address Cloudflare provides CDN for millions of sites, access to which is even faster.

  • Primary DNS:
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