Solved: PS4 DNS Failure NW-31250-1


DNS Failure NW-31250-1 PS4 Error Code Fix PS4 can occur during any interaction with the PlayStation Network service. You can see this code during the activation of games for the console.

When you try to access the network functions of a particular game, Make sure your ps4 is update, if it is not then please do it here

Ps4 Update Download

Update to superfast DNS of your ps4

What the problem in NW-31250-1

Such a problem could arise from the fault of the DNS server. The NW-31250-1 error can occur for entirely different reasons. A crashing router could cause a problem, some glitches in the PS4 console firmware, and you shouldn’t dismiss the option that the PlayStation Network services are currently under maintenance or are disabled and are being restored.

How to solve NW-31250-1

Restart your Wi-Fi:- The error NW-31250-1 appears as a result of the incorrect operation of the Wi-Fi router. If your console is connected to the network in this way, then know that the router is a possible suspect. You need to try restarting it, and then try again to use the PSN features on your console. Unplug the power cable from the router and press the special power button, wait about 20-30 seconds and connect the power to the router.

Update PS4

NW-31250-1 error on PS4 was caused by a flaw in the firmware on your console. I request you try updating the PS4 software, and then check to see if this has resolved the NW-31250-1 error.

  • Open the “Settings” of your PS4
  • Go to the “System Software Update.”

Despite the inability to use the PSN services, access to the Internet on your console should remain. As soon as you click on the above section, the console will check for new firmware, and then automatically install the latest version.

Change your DNS:- 

The console should have automatic DNS settings. Now we will try to set you these settings manually. AndGoogle provides for public access fairly reliable DNS-servers, which we currently use.
change DNS on PS4

Here is super fast DNS for PS4

  • Settings → Network → Establish an Internet connection → Use a LAN / WiFi cable → Special → Automatic → Do not specify → Manually
  • Primary DNS:
  • Additional DNS: 8.8.4.
  • Complete the network connection setup

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If you problem NW-31250-1 PS4 Error Code is Not Fixed  or still not solved, Then

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