Solved NP-39225-1 Error Of Playstation


NP-39225-1 Error is solved in very short.

I was getting this NP-39225-1 error and I solved it. so I am going to tell how I did..?
while playing Monster Hunter World.

I was playing for over 100 hours and suddenly it stopped. Fortunately, I got help from my acquaintances and succeeded in fixing the error. 50352-MW1

when trying to find or join a rally area in Monster Hunter: World, ” Failed to participate in the session. Error code: 50352-MW1 ” occurs. There is a case.  50352-MW1

Follow the Following Steps

There is a problem that you can not create the meeting area or you can not attend the meeting area where you have been given the meeting area number, so you can not play online.

  • This problem tends to occur simultaneously at night time when access concentration is likely to occur. It also seems that the failure of PSN is also affecting
  • the most basic measures are to wait until the access concentration settles down or to look at the situation. If the concentration of access is over the limit, it is not easy for the user to deal with it.
  • First, do ” Logout from Power> PS4 ” on PS4 and log out from PS4.Next, turn off the PS4 (press and hold the PS button to display the quick menu, and then turn off the PS4).
  • Next, while the power is off, access the PC or smartphone overseas version PSN ( ), and log in with a PSN account once from “SIGN IN”. (In the case of the iPhone and smartphone version page, “menu (three lines” → “SIGN IN” in the upper right).
  • After confirming that you can log in, please try again to see if you can join the meeting area at Monaghan World by launching PS4 again. Monaghan World.

If you get Connecting failed to network

Connecting to the network” is displayed when any games you get occur starts up, the network connection may fail and the following two types of errors may be displayed.

  • Sign out of the PlayStation Network by operating “Settings> Account Management> Sign Out” on PS4.
  • uncheck “Settings> Network> Connect to the Internet” to disconnect the Internet connection.
  • hold down the PS button to display the quick menu, and then log out once with “Power off> Log out of PS4.
  • hold down the PS button and turn off the power by the method of “Power off> Power off PS4” from the quick menu.
  • When the power is off, press the power button to restart PS4 and log in to PS4.
  • Open “Settings> Network> Connect to the Internet” again to turn Internet connection back on.
  • then sign in to the PlayStation Network, enter the sign-in ID and password from Settings> Account Management> Sign In, and then sign in to PSN again.
  • There are other users who changed the connection setting of the PS4 to WiFi and changed it to a highway LAN.

Firmware Update

bet, In next few minutes your PS4 is going to be Updated, How do you Update your PS4 Console With the advent of online games and the ability to play games in a network and group,

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The need to Update the PS4 Software is felt more and more.

These updates will improve your user experience in using the console, as well as more stability in the operating system (OS) as well as gameplay.

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