Oops NP-32091-5 Error? Cannot sync trophies?


NP-32091-5 Error Of Ps4 Is solved In 120 seconds here

When we use ps4 there are different types of problem we have suffer in many of the cases, we Cannot sync trophiesNP-32091-5 error is the topic for which  today we will talk about the error NP-32091-5, which can take them away from the player. This error prevents the PS4 account from being correctly synchronized with the PSN service account. However, it is worth noting that NP-32091-5 error does not always manifest itself during manual synchronization of achievements.

  • Some Sony problems could not be fixed. It will be hard to believe, but the cause of the NP-32091-5 error has not yet been found.

If You Have More Achievements

Some users claim that the error NP-32091-5 can sometimes be a simple bug that disappears after you knock out a couple more achievements.

Try adding a couple more trophies to your trophy collection, and then sync with PSN again. In some cases, NP-32091-5 error will disappear by itself.

Console Database Upgrade

If you are convinced that NP-32091-5 error is not a single failure when synchronizing achievements, then let’s try to perform a more complex procedure,

  • which is called “Database Reconstruction”.

No, you don’t need to worry about your personal data. First, you need to completely disable the console.

Then hold down the power button and hold it until two beeps follow each other.

On everything about everything, you should take about seven seconds. By completing these steps, you have entered Safe Mode.

Once you have done this, take the controller from the PS4 and connect it to the console via USB, since wireless technologies do not work in Safe Mode.

  • Before you will be a list of various options: select “Database Reconstruction.”

Start a negotiated process, the completion of which you will need to wait. Having completed the reconstruction of the PS4 database, try again to synchronize the achievements with PSN and verify that the error NP-32091-5 has been fixed.

  • If it still appears, then let’s move on to the last method.

Create a new Ps4 account

There is another way to fix the error NP-32091-5, which is to re-create an account for your PS4 console. Unfortunately, this is not so easy to implement, but we will now explain how to re-create the counting.

  • Create a backup of saving your games to the PS + cloud service or to a USB flash drive.

First, you need to create a guest profile. Do not connect it to your PSN account!

  • Then log in to the PS4 system under this guest account and go through “Settings → Initialization → Delete Master Account”.

If you got rid of your main account on PS4, which, accordingly, led to the deletion of all saved game data, which includes achievements that did not pass synchronization.

Create your primary account again and connect it to the account in the PSN service. Try synchronizing the achievements again and you will see that the NP-32091-5 error is no longer present.

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