Solved: NP-31950-8 Error Code In Few Seconds Only


Fixed : NP-31950-8 Error Code

NP-31950-8 error code have you got the NP-31950-8 problem “oh shit” even I was facing this problem now..! so, I thought I would like to share with you how I solved the problem ..!

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Here we go to solve NP-31950-8 error code

  • You get this problem even because of network connection time out during the PSN.
  • Internet connection test by going to [Settings] > [Network] > [Test Internet Connection] to confirm you can connect to the network.

And even if you are not able to connect, try by using resetting your local network connection, by powering off your ps4 and wait for 5 minutes and turn it on.

If even that helped you then update your ps4 firmware. And do contact your router manufacturer and internet service provider if you are required…! or do try later because the server may be having high traffic.

I was on a wired connection, but I got the NP-31950-8 error code after 5 – 25 minutes being online in-game. Even the PS4 Party connection would drop, so it was not related to the game itself.

In the end, I discovered that my new wired cable CAT5E should be supporting 1000MBIT, but it was only supporting 100MBIT. This was because it was wired wrong.

I changed the internet cable, saw that I am now on 1000MBIT and I have no more connection issues. then I checked the 1000MBIT support via the switch port lights AND via the router “connected devices.

Change your DNS:- 

The console should have automatic DNS settings. Now we will try to set you these settings manually. And Google provides for public access fairly reliable DNS-servers, which we currently use.
change DNS on PS4

Here is super fast DNS for PS4

  • Settings → Network → Establish an Internet connection → Use a LAN / Wi-Fi cable → Special → Automatic → Do not specify → Manually
  • Primary DNS:
  • Additional DNS: 8.8.4.
  • Complete the network connection setup
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