WS-37397-9 PS4 Error Code Chilled


Fixed: WS-37397-9 PS4 Error Code

WS-37397-9 PS4 Error Code The in famous WS-37397-9 error has been resolved for several months now. Once this error code is seen on the PS platform when using a store or network test. Check the PlayStation site

If your PS4 is not updated make sure it is, Up-to-date

  • The PSN is being checked
  • The PSN is blocked if the IP address is blocked due to PSN violation.

Can be seen from the service status information, and it is not necessarily the case that people complain. Sony says the virus-infected device may be blocked because it is on the home network (router).

Of course, this is an official opinion, but it is not real. The real reason is that Sony decides that specific IPs are DDOS zombies or anything threatening. And this is to block public IP itself, so in general, environment using a router; it causes the following symptoms.

  • WS-37397-9 error occurs when attempting network connection from PS series console
  • No device connected to the same line can access PSN web store or mobile app

Because it is an IP van, it is not surprising that other devices besides the game machine are also not available. In this case, the PC Web browser and the error message that the current site is not available. WS-37397-9 PS4 Error Code is solved very easily.

Or, if you try to log in once you are connected, the login fails and an error page appears.

Also, once a WS-37397-9 error code has occurred, changing the router MAC or reassigning the public IP will cause a temporary connection, but it is very likely to be blocked again shortly.

This means that the modem, router, and terminal of the line, not the IP address itself, may determine that the PSN is an unhealthy connection.

Note that the solution you can see on the PS4 is to turn the router or modem off and on, but this is not likely to be solved for this reason.WS-37397-9 PS4 Error Code

Sony does not explain precisely what this cause is, so speculation is only rampant, but there are several possibilities as it is judged to be an unhealthy connection.

  • When attempting to connect with PSN using VPN. It does not say that it will be blocked after a particular time even when IP or MAC is changed.
  • Any configuration of the router or modem (E.g., the DHCP update is too fast) is misidentified to match the characteristics of the attacker.
  • If the IP address is assigned unintentionally

WS-37397-9 PS4 Error Code, You have reassigned IPs 1 or 3; it will be resolved (you can not change your IP if it’s an account van, but the account van will not take it unless it’s a precise offense, not an overseas payment.

In most cases, the router is more likely to be the cause of the modem than the modem, but it is not easy to find a solution. There is no way to know which setting is the cause in the first place.

  • Note:- that some people say that the DHCP update cycle has been slowed down, but that was not the case.

IP van has been resolved, but a few minor issues remain. Not all devices are connected to the router, but the tools are connected directly to the modem and devices connected to the router. The main problem was the ability to interwork with each other. It’s like NAS or Google Cast

Google Cast

In order to solve,WS-37397-9 PS4 Error Code, Kindly follow these

  • The Internal connection of the NAS with the PC (the modem is directly connected through the switching hub). DDNS connection, but the performance is degraded. I could leave my PC on the router, but I turned to direct link to access the PSN website.
  • The PC is connected directly, and the home network function cannot be used at all. Network printer or ………..
  • Nvidia shield from PC to Google Cast is not available. The guard is left as a router connection for direct connection with the NAS.
  • I can not play NAS video on PS4. I did not write …
  • Mobile devices connected via WiFi still do not link to PSN. Although to the cellular,
  • Vita, so not only WiFi connection nodal

IP van problem itself does not happen with certain routers, so I do not think the router is the cause. Unless Sony has implemented such a loose cut-off for security reasons and does not disclose certain standards, it is only by overcoming the number of people who are caught. If the router is not replaced, the most severe prescription is a direct connection.

  1. Change the router settings (If the DHCP renewal cycle is active, etc.)
  2. Replace the router (Different manufacturers or chips or specs are significantly different)
  3. Direct connection (Multiple ports to the modem)
  4. Turn off your ps4 console by pressing the power button and release it after you hear two beeps, which will mean a complete shutdown of the PS4.
  5. Launch the console in Safe Mode by pressing the power button and holding it for seven seconds.
  6. Connect the DualShock 4 controller via USB and press the PS button on the controller.
    Scroll through the list with options and select “Database Reconstruction,” and then press X on the controller to start the operation.
  7. Once it is finished, your console will automatically reboot.
  8. Go through “Settings → Network → Check Internet connection” to run an Internet connection test.

Google public DNS

  • First, open “Settings → Network → Establish Internet Connection.”
  • Select Wi-Fi or LAN depending on how your PS4 is connected to your network.
  • Configure IP address: automatically DHCP.
  • Hostname: do not specify.
  • DNS settings: manual
  • Primary DNS:
  • Additional DNS:
  • MTU Settings: Automatically
  • Proxy server: do not use
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Changing Your IP Address

  • Change your router or modem.
  • Contact your ISP to change the IP address.
  • If you provide dynamic IPs, then wait a couple of days and try to reconnect.

Congrats your WS-37397-9 PS4 Error Code is fixed now.

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