Fix error NW-31297-2 : Few Steps Only


How to Get Your PS4 Error NW-31297-2 Fixed ?

Fix error NW-31297-2 Trying once again to connect your PS4 to a wireless Wi-Fi network, you may stumble upon an error nw-31297-2 ps4,

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The message of which will state that it is impossible to connect to Wi-Fi due to the possibly incorrectly entered WPA password for the network. nw-31297-2 ps4

It is worth mentioning that this error is also able to appear on the PS4 consoles,

Which are first connected to Wi-Fi. Is there a specific reason for this error? Unfortunately, there is none, but in discussions on the NW-31297-2 error,

Two possible reasons most often come up: problems with the PS4 software and problems with the user’s router.

You received a standard error message NW-31297-2 since the last SONY update

And among the consoles that are popular, we find the Sony PS4. Yes, but now, it looks like the console is facing a new bug. Indeed, this bug appeared in some users with the update of the console to version 4.50.

A highly anticipated version that brings its share of new features and a particularly long-awaited. This new feature gives PS4 owners the ability to connect an external USB hard drive and save and install games on it. nw-31297-2 ps4

Unfortunately for some, it seems that this new update also brings a lot of bugs. And in particular, a virus that prevents users from using the Wi-Fi console.

Method 1 Wi-Fi error NW-31297-2

This error message that appears on the screen appears with a code: nw-31297-2 ps4. Also, big problem because following the update and display of this message, it is impossible for the owner of PS4 to connect to his Wi-Fi network.

A bug that has appeared for a month now, but does not seem to be solved yet. A concern for users who suddenly no longer have the ability to connect to the internet via a wireless connection. nw-31297-2 ps4

Therefore, the player will have to spend his time pulling a network cable to the console. Or, play solo. A bug that beyond playing can cripple all owners of the PS4. Owners who use their console as a media center with Plex. Or you are even using the DLNA feature to access their movies o series on their NAS Network.

For the moment, it seems that Sony is working on the subject, but it should wait for an update to version 4.55 to see this bug disappear.

Try this one also if before one doesn’t work..!

I recommend you to try it again. The fact is that the error NW-31297-2, in some cases, can occur only once, being a random bug in the Sony console software. In case consider how to connect to a Wi-Fi network on the PS4.

  • First, go to the “Settings” console. and now go to Network section and click on “Establish an Internet Connection.” Next, select Connect using Wi-Fi (wireless connection) → Use Wi-FiSimple.
  • Try to connect again by entering the WPA password from the network. Let the PS4 attempt to join, and perhaps the error NW-31297-2 will be missing this time.

However, if she is still there, then this is not some bug that showed its face once and needs to be corrected by specific methods.

Disconnect all other devices from WIFI

The following method was advised by Sony itself on the official website about the appearance of the error NW-31297-2 Try disconnecting other devices from the Wi-Fi network that are already connected to it.

The idea is that your wireless network is under heavy load from other devices,
and the PS4 cannot join because of this. Disconnect a couple of tools from the system, and then try connecting the PS4 to Wi-Fi again.

If the error NW-31297-2 occurred due to network overload, then the problem should have been resolved. If not, move on.

Can not connect to the Wi-Fi network because the Wi-Fi password is not set correctly on the PS4, or the wireless network is busy.

Go to [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet Connection Setup] to configure the network settings again. nw-31297-2 ps4

Method 2

NW-31297-2 error was caused by PS4 authentication problems on the Wi-Fi network.

Some users were able to resolve this problem by just changing the authentication type in the Wi-Fi security settings in the router settings.

You need to go to your browser settings and change the authentication type.

I cannot advise a particular type, since different users claim to solve the error when choosing different types, for example, WPA-PSK or WPA / WPA2-PSK.

Different routers have different user interfaces, so it’s almost useless to describe the exact steps to change authentication.

I can only give you only tips, with the help of which you will be able to catch a general picture of where you can find the desired item with settings.

  • Type the IP address of your wireless router (often in your web browser and entering the username and password.
  • In some cases, depending on the routers you need to reduce your speed up from 600 MBPS to 54 MBPS only and enter the wireless settings for that.
  • For other users, they would have been successful after disabling the wireless password on their router or transferring the WPA2 security to something else. But it is not advisable to compromise your wireless security.
  • If all else fails, the ultimate and more radical solution is to connect your PlayStation 4 physically via a network cable.

PS4 error NW-31297-2 when connecting to a Wi-Fi network. At least, this method could help some users. Among other things, it is also claimed that this error can be eliminated after updating the software of the PS4 itself or connecting the console directly to the network using a cable. If You still Cannot able to solve the problem Find it Here

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