Fix Error CE-36329-3 : Just Few Seconds


Just Few Minutes Left to fix Error CE-36329-3

Fix error CE-36329-3 is the type of error most frequent owners of this console from Sony are encountered with this error during the launch of a game and after a sudden reset of the PS4.

Which started to malfunction, and in case of an errorCE-36329-3 is non-starting games and a sudden reboot of the device.

As you can see, the problem is extremely serious, and if it is not solved, the experience of using the PS4 console can be permanently corrupted.

Update PS4 System Software

The error CE-36329-3 are users who have not updated the version of the PS4 system software for a long time. There is no desire or possibility to connect the console to the Internet – it does not matter.

You may have spent a long time on one version of the firmware, with which there were no problems. However, the software can always have some problems, and not at the most opportune moment.

Error CE-36329-3 on PS4 is an error that occurred in your console software. You can get rid of it with a simple software update device. Try upgrading to a newer firmware version, and then check for error CE-36329-3.

Update PS4 with a drive

You have not yet updated the PS4 and it is not connected to the network, then you can always update the console using a regular USB flash drive, which will have the latest firmware version.
this is the site Click on download update

Connect the flash drive to your computer and format it in FAT32 format this step is very important, and if you don’t follow it, nothing will work.

  • Open the root folder of the flash drive and create the “PS4” folder in it, and then open it and create the “UPDATE” folder in it. Place the downloaded firmware in the folder “UPDATE”.
  • Now insert USB flash drive into your console with the USB port, and then go to the PS4 settings.
  • Find and select the “System Software Update” section in the settings.
  • Just follow the steps what is showing on the screen

If you have installed new firmware the error CE-36329-3 on PS4 should not disturb you anymore.

However, if you are still experiencing the above problems,

A sudden console reboot or problems with the operation of games, then you can try a couple more methods.

Initialize Your PS4

After updating the firmware did not help you to get rid of the error CE-36329-3 on PS4.

you can do Initialization or Restore Defaults you can get rid of the error CE-36329-3. For a start, we recommend that you use the “Restore Defaults” option to see how the PS4 system will behave in the factory settings.

let’s try to fix the CE-36329-3 using the “Initialization”. It should be warned that initialization, unlike Restore default settings completely removes all content from the console, and also returns the factory settings.

If the data on the console is important to you, then we strongly recommend that you create their backup. Fix Error CE-36329-3

  • Now You do this “Settings → System → Backup and Restore”

Now let us do Initialization if the above process didn’t work The procedure is completely automatic and its launch is organized at the press of several points.

  • Go back to the PS4 settings and select “Initialization”, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • As soon as your console becomes “crystal clear”, check if the error CE-36329-3 appears. The “Initialization” procedure is an incredibly effective tool, so the solution to the problem has a fairly high percentage.

Reinstall The PS4

  • Create the PS4 → UPDATE folders on the USB flash drive and drop the Downloaded firmware there.
  • And Now go back to the console and completely disconnect it, then insert the prepared USB flash drive into the PS4.
  • Next, press and hold the console enable button until you hear two beeps. Once you are in Safe Mode, connect the controller to the PS4 via USB and then select “Initialize the PS4 system.

If you finish reinstalling the PS4 system, go to the console and test it.

If it stops rebooting and you can safely play games do not forget to recover from backup, Then with the fix error CE-36329-3 on PS4, it was over.

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