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Fixed CE-36244-9 Error of Playstaion 4

PS4 CE-36244-9 Error Sony console can see this code during the downloads of games, add-ons, patches, various programs and other diverse digital content. But the error code is not the only thing that users get.

Considering that physical carriers are used less and less, solving the error CE-36244-9 on PS4 is a crucial task. And even if you use disks, what about patches, add-ons and network functionality provided by a huge number of games solving a problem is simply necessary, and we will show you how to do it, and in the shortest possible time.

Method 1 Restarting the PS4

fix the error in restarting the PS4 and the boot process, setting Google’s public DNS, performing the initialization process. We will consider all three ways in this article. Let’s start with the simplest of them, which often solves the error CE-36244-9 on PS4.

Method 2 Restart PS4 and boot process

  • Restart PS4 and boot process Perhaps the error CE-36244-9 is a typical, random crash that occurred in the PS4 software.
  • Now we will try to solve the problem with the help of the simplest actions: restarting the PS4 and the boot process
  • So, restart the console (here, we hope, no problems will arise), then go to “Notifications → Downloads from the network”, cancel the download and repeat it again.
  • you can get rid of the error CE-36244-9 on PS4. Simply put, we restart the console, reset the download of anything and try it once. Simple but effective.

Method 3 DNS From Google

For Speedy DNS Check Fastest DNS servers of ps4

the error CE-36244-9 on PS4, you can use the setting of the DNS-addresses from Google. At least so says a huge number of users on the network. Setting the DNS addresses you need is quite simple during the network connection setup process.

  • So, go to the “Settings” console and select the “Set up an Internet connection.” Next, select the type of connection you need, i.e. wired or wireless.
  • Then you need to select “Special”. The process of setting up the settings for the network connection will begin to select the automatic parameters until you reach the DNS point.
  • Reaching the DNS settings, select “Manual”. We got to the right place: set the address for the primary DNS is, And for the additional one –
  • Then finish setting up the network connection, after which the console will check this connection.
  • When finished with the dough, try downloading something to check for the error CE-36244-9 on PS4.

Method 4 PS4 Initialization Process

  • Initialization is a reset of all console settings to default values. The settings displayed on the PS4 could have caused the error CE-36244-9.
  • Open Settings. Go down to the bottom of the settings and find the section “Initialization”. Next, select the item “Initialize PlayStation 4.
  • Select the “Quick” option. Wait until the initialization process is complete, and then try downloading something to check for error CE-36244-9 on PS4.

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