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Solved: CE-34788-0 PS4 Error Code

CE-34788-0 | Ps4 Error CE-34788-0 | Playstation Error Code CE-34788-0

CE-34788-0 PS4 Error Code Error Has Been Solved Very Easily.

The CE-34788-0 error code on PS4 is a fairly common problem for owners of this console from Sony, what this error is and how to get rid of it. Immediately you need to say that the question itself is minor and is solved very quietly, so you do not have to spend a considerable amount of time on it. ce 34788 0

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ce-34788-0 Error

Thus, the CE-34788-0 PS4 Error Code on the PS4 occurs when the user tries to update the firmware version using USB storage, on which the new firmware is downloaded, downloaded from the official Sony website.

The problem is the firmware version you are trying to use to upgrade your PS4.

The cause of the CE-34788-0 PS4 Error Code on PS4 is, and you will surely be surprised by it. You downloaded the wrong version of the firmware needed for the upgrade to USB storage. ce 34788 0

Error CE-34788-0 on PS4

Go back to the official Sony website, in the PS4 system software download section, and carefully,

Ps4 Update Download 2019

Remember which link you used when downloading the PS4UPDATE.PUP file (firmware).The thing is that there are two specific firmware versions for each PS4 update case.

Only One version is used to update the PS4 with old firmware version installed on it. also, try this for your mobile GB WhatsApp Download.

The second version is used by those users who have introduced a new hard disk in PS4,and they need to install the PS4 system software fully. ce 34788 0

CE-34788-0 PS4 Error Code on PS4 could appear if you downloaded the wrong firmware version for yourself.

You are a user who wants to update his console on the original HDD,use the big blue button at the very top of the page.

If you’re going to install a new version of the firmware on the PS4 console with a replaced hard disk – use the firmware from

The new system software installation section located at the very bottom of the page this firmware will be approximately 900 megabytes. ce 34788 0.

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      1. My ps4 keeps going on the CE-34788-0 PS4 Error Code over and over not reading the USB properly (I’ve used two) any ideas

    1. LOOK FOR THIS —> “AGREE AND DOWNLOAD NOW” <—Click to start the download.
      IT WILL BE 900+mb NOT 400+mb.

    1. update is compulsory that is why you are getting the problem…! update the firmware version

      I have understood your problem it’s easy to do…!
      first, update your download that
      Latest Version: 6.51

      check here

      I wish this is the correct one and it will work 100%

      thanks for visiting our site to visit if you have any problem we will help you, dear..!

  1. Just Hold the ps4’s power button for 5 seconds, you’ll be in safe mode then navigate to “update ps4” , then update using internet (connect using the lan cable) or usb.

    1. The PS4 won’t boot still. It starts up but then stops and checks the system storage status. After checking the status it says “Connect a USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 6.51 or later.” I have successfully updated with both a USB and by using internet (connected using lan cable) but it still brings me to that same screen when I restart. It will boot into safe mode if I hold the power button down. If I try to Restore Default Settings an error occurs. It will not allow me to use option 7 “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) from anything but a USB, but it wont recognize either file I downloaded from the website. Is the HDD just done?

        1. Did you sort this? We are having the same problem. The PS4 is connected by a LAN and we’ve tried 2 USB drives and downloaded it multiple time but still getting same error message.

  2. A person necessarily help to make seriously posts I’d state. This is the first time I frequented your web page and thus far? I surprised with the analysis you made to make this particular post amazing. Wonderful activity!|

  3. i connected my ps4 to my TV now it started from the safe mode and said if you want to start your ps4 connect usb drive with version 5.55 or later i did that i used the usb drive with 6.70 version in UPDATE file in PS4 file but still the same error ce-34788-0

    1. update is compulsory that is why you are getting the problem…! update the firmware version

      I have understood your problem it’s easy to do…!
      first, update your download that
      Latest Version: 6.51

      check here

      I wish this is the correct one and it will work 100%

      thanks for visiting our site to visit if you have any problem we will help you, dear..!

  4. I am trying to update my ps4 with the new update version6.71

    But it is not doing anything after the update when the ps4 restars to install it it just shown error messeges

    Plzz help meee

  5. This does not work. I don’t know if you had it posted before they took one down but their is only one download link to begin with. And it just keeps saying cannot start ps4. Please press the PlayStation button on the controller. And it goes back to safe mode. And repeat. I think hdd is spent

    1. it will work Nathan do properly again it will work….!

      you can download the latest update from the PS4 System Software page using a PC or Mac. Click the “Download update” button at the top of the page to download the file (approx. 400MB)

      If you are trying to perform a full installation of the System Software, follow the steps below:

      Go to the PS4 System Software page using a PC.
      Scroll down the page and select Perform a new installation of the system software.
      Follow the steps and download the full installation file (approx. 1GB).

  6. Thank you!

    The link for the larger download (new HDD) is a little hard to find, but your article made me look harder. The big download is under a black banner that says AGREE AND DOWNLOAD NOW.

  7. I’ve been having this problem for almost a year now, i can reinstall the software to the PS4 but the problem is that 5 to 10 days later it gets laggy in menu and games, thats when i know next time i start it’ll take me to checking the system storage status screen and then to safe mode and ask me for the latest update file for reinstallation so i download the file (442 mb) to update and it never works so then i go to safe mode by pressing the power button and reinstall the system software (option 7) it works for a while and a week or two later i have the same problem, anyone know what might it be, is it the hdd thats broken? ill appreciate any help

    1. Hi dear..! we wrote the article on it, the problem which you are facing..!
      its HHD problem only upgrades from 500gb 5400rpm hard drive to 1TB 7200rpm hard drive…!
      How to Download and Update Ps4

      get a flash drive separate from the drive and then you will update it and you need two..!
      then go to your ps4 and plug into the flash drive, once you have a plug in your flash drive go to the settings on your ps4 and click on application saved data management then press X on the saved data in system storage, then copy to your USB storage device, and now you go to each game and then select the data to the flash drive, when you replace the hard drive then you have saved all your games in flash drive. Once you replace the hard drive just go back to the application saved data management settings then select ” saved data on USB storage device” when you plug in the USB storage device and go to the process of copying all you have saved in the drive…!

      thanks for visiting, feel free to reply do visit again if you have any error code in ps4………….!

  8. You can get into the Command screen in order to install the latest update. In order to do this you will need internet connection. Ensure your PS4 is completely turned off. Hold the power button down for at least 7 seconds or until you here the second beep. The first beep will be the beep you get as soon as you hit the power button. Once the second beep is heard let go of the power button and select from the command menu which option you want to use to install the updates. I used the internet connection to update my PS4 as I was getting the same error code when using USB. I hope this helps!


  9. Definitely helped!! Didn’t realize that there were two different files, but thanks for the clarification!! :))

  10. Wow. Just wow. Sony Engineers are the worst. I have tried every method listed above, what I’ve found on Youtube, and via the phone with Sony PSN. They told me I needed a flash drive with nothing else on it, that was between 2-8G. Didn’t seem to be aware of any difference between a full update and a reinstallation. I also tried the safe mode method, which looked like progress, but still the same error in the end – on restarting, it does a SW check and I’m in the same loop. What a piece of crap. About to throw away all the games and never spend a penny on Sony equipment.

  11. I had downloaded update from ps network page and kept getting the update loop.. Upon reading further into the situation I realized that there is 2 updates. One for updating from a previous version and the second for installing full firmware. Update 1 is 400 something MB while update 2 is 900 something MB. Try both updates. The second update worked for me.. Make sure your downloading correct update ate ps network page. Hope this helps.

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