Fix CE 33986 9 Error Code


FIXED: CE 33986 9 Error Code Processed Below


CE 33986 9 error code Even I was facing the same error last night, so I turn off PS4 remove all cables and clean everything I also used pressure air.

Plug everything back and working again.

PS4 error Ce 33986-9 error code is an error if you may not reach the PSN server. It can be the Playstation server is undergoing maintenance, if it will wait till the server is up however if your internet connection has a problem. There are lots to check for. Please see below for the guides.

Firstly, please usually shut down your PS4 and unplug it.

Then, shut down and unplug your router and modem for a minimum of thirty to one min.

After this, power on all device and check out to see if you’ll connect.

If you may not connect take a look at your internet speed by accessing using your laptop or your mobile phone.

If the output of the speed test net is equal or nearly equal to your subscription, your PS4 association has the problem. Otherwise, your ISP is that the cause, if it’s the ISP call them or attempt another day.

  • Try to connect through another network setup, if you’re using coax cable attempt using local area network or the other way around.
  • If both are having the error, connect on to the modem, then reset your modem to revive its default setting and take a look at once more.
  • However, if one in all the setups is running smoothly, please see below.
  • For local area network problem, hunt for a spot with a much better local area network signal.
  • For ethernet cable problem, replace the cable. You may also attempt using an alternative router or modem ports.

Configure PS4 Network Setting

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Network Settings ==> Internet Connection Settings.
  3. WiFi: Under Use Wi-Fi, select Custom. Select your Wi-Fi network name.
  4. Wired: If it is a wired connection, select Custom for Operation mode.
  5. Select Automatic for IP Address Setting.
  6. Select Do Not Set for DHCP hostname.
  7. Select Automatic for DNS Setting.
  8. Select Automatic for MTU.
  9. Select Do Not Use for Proxy Server.
  10. Save your settings.
  11. Try to connect again.

Change DNS settings

  • Open the PS4 Menu-go to Settings-Network –Set Up Internet Connection
  • Select Wi-Fi or LAN cable depending on your Internet connection
  • Go to Custom-IP Address Settings- DHCP Host Name go to-DNS Settings (Manual)
  • Change the DNS settings and enter as your primary DNS and as your secondary DNS
  • Go to Next-MTU Settings (Automatic)-Proxy Server (Do Not Use)-test your Internet connection to see if the issue persists.

Try switching to alternative DNS servers often this error is caused by your ISP,s DNS servers restricting PSN access. Ideally, these should be entered in your router settings but can be entered in your PS4’s network settings, try either of the free to use DNS servers listed below.







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