CE-30774-1 Error Solved Instantly


Error CE-30774-1 on the PS4 may occur during a user’s attempt to update the system software (in other words, firmware) using a USB storage device containing the necessary update file. Most often, the cause of the error is incorrect user actions when formatting a flash drive or installing an update file on it.

How do I fix error code CE-30774-1 on ps4?

  • While updating via USB without replacing the HDD
  • updating via USB after replacing the HDD
  • Initialization (Reinstalling System Software) Insert the prepared flash drive into the PS4.
  • Enter PS4 in Safe Mode and use the wired controller to navigate its menu.
  • Select “Initialize PS4 System (Reinstall System Software)”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the system software.

How do you fix ps4 Cannot find the update file?

you are an ordinary user trying to update the firmware for your PS4. It would seem that the task is nowhere simpler, but you still encountered problems in its implementation.

  • first, you need to format your USB storage in exFAT or FAT32 format.
  • This is a very important step because, without it, your PS4 simply can not read the USB flash drive, and therefore – updating the console will not be possible.
  • Make sure that you installed the update file on the USB storage device correctly. After formatting the flash drive on it, you need to create the PS4 → UPDATE folders, and then put the PS4UPDATE.PUP file in the last folder.
  • then You cannot make any modifications to the file location, otherwise, the update will be impossible.
  • It is also worth noting that the PS4UPDATE.PUP file cannot be renamed in any way since this will also disrupt the update process.
  • Be aware that the PS4 does not support USB storage devices that are too large. Some users claim that they did not manage to upgrade the PS4 with USB flash drives to 16 or 32 gigabytes and try using small storage.
  • Make sure you download the exact PS4UPDATE.PUP file that you need.
  • Users trying to simply upgrade to the new software version should use a file that can be downloaded using the “Download update” button check in the PlayStation site.
  • While you are replacing the HDD you should use another file containing the full version of the update, but we will talk about this in the second part of the article.
  • you follow the tips and you won’t get any problem in the form of error CE-30774-1 on PS4 should arise.
  • Usually, this error occurs due to a little discretion of yourself.
  • if there is a problem even after following the recommendation, we recommend that you completely reinstall the PS4 console system software (a variation of Initialization).
  • all your personal data will be deleted in this case.

How do you remove the hard drive from a ps4?

CE-30774-1 errors occur when you have replaced the hard drive. Then you try to upgrade the console to the latest version using USB storage, but they get a negotiated error on the way. the main reason pf getting error CE-30774-1 on your PS4 because you replaced the HDD is that they are not using the update file that they need. Probably, you did not use the full update file, but a stripped-down one, designed to update the software of the previous version.

  • Initialization System Software
  • Insert the prepared flash drive into the PS4.
  • Enter PS4 in Safe Mode and use the wired controller to navigate its menu.
  • Select “Initialize PS4 System (Reinstall System Software)”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the system software.

Why can’t my ps4 find the update file?

If you didn’t find any software update then check in setting> system software update there you can check all the software update and do check here ps4-update-download and here is the full information about all software update

How do you fix a ps4 update error?

Step 1 – First turn your ps4 ON– This is done by pressing the button on the console or the PlayStation key on the controller.

Step 2- From the console home screen, select the Settings option. The icon for this option is a toolbox.

Step 3– Select the “Update System Software” option from the next menu. After doing so, the system will automatically follow the latest firmware for your console. If the newest version of the firmware is not installed on your console, the PS4 software update will automatically be downloaded to your system..

Step 4-Install the latest firmware: After downloading the newest version of the firmware, the notification will be displayed in the upper left corner and above. In this case, select the relevant information from the main menu and select the downloads section. After that, select the downloaded file of the firmware and follow the prompts on the screen to update your PS4 software. ps4 update file

Next method if that is not working

It is very simple, you need a computer that you connect USB storage device in. Then you run this PC

Right-click the USB disk and select Format.

  • Insert USB flash to your computer
  • right-click in the assigned drive od USB flash drive
  • then select the format
  • just change the file system type to FAT322
  • see the image below
  • and click on start

Once finished, try the USB storage device in the PlayStation and you will find that it works normally.

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