All About Big Chungus


Big Chungus (Chungus, Changus, Fat Bunny Bunny Bunny) a meme with the image of a thick cartoon rabbit Bugs Bunny, as well as the name of the nonexistent game on PS4.

The frame with the thick rabbit Bugs Bunny was taken from the cartoon “Wabbit Trouble”, released in 1941. According to the plot, a full-bodied Elmer goes to Jellostone Park (the distorted name of Yellowstone Park). He sets up a tent and is going to rest, but a rabbit interferes with him.


The tent was right above his hole, and Bugs Bunny simply pulled it inside. After trying to catch and punish the rabbit, Elmer bucks up a hole, but Bugs still gets out. Then he swells to the size of his rival to portray Elmer.

what is a big Chungus?

The picture with the thick Bugs Bunny, stylized as a game on the PS4, first appeared on Reddit on December 1, 2018. For some reason, the meme was praised by the editors; gradually, the original began to spread through other branches and entertainment sites.
All this time, the origin of the Big Chungus meme has remained a mystery. But on December 19, GaryTheTaco confirmed the authorship of the meme in one of the threads and revealed the details of its appearance. According to Gary, he made a picture with a rabbit stylized as a game back in March. The meme was for a friend. Only a few months later, the guy guessed to publish it on Reddit – and success was ensured.

What is a big Chungus meme?

Memes Big Chungus will be clear to those who are familiar with the original. It all started with a poster for a nonexistent PS4 game. But over time, this nonexistent game developed its own fandom: people make “pirated” versions, create memes with a rabbit, and put “chungus” on the covers of famous games and films. And, of course, they have the main desire – to make Big Chungus a real game.
In a broad sense, memes with Bugs Bunny may not be tied to gaming themes. The bloated rabbit pattern has generated more classic memes that use images with other animals, as well as joking about completeness and gluttony. big Chungus meaning it means an overweight giant on earth-destroying god killing the rabbit.









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