Releasing? About PlayStation 5 (ps5) ? Explained.


PlayStation 5/ps5 , we collected as much information as possible about the release date of this console, technical specifications, estimated prices and other equally interesting information about it.

Well, let’s start with the most popular query, namely, the release date of PS5.

The eighth generation console from SONY is at the end of its life. Do not forget about one simple fact: the release of the original PS4 occurred as much as five years ago, i.e. in 2013.

Five years is a rather long life span for such products. In this regard, many console gamers are actively interested in Playstation 5.

PS5 is definitely coming out in the near future. But the exact release date is currently unknown. Some of the technical experts point to the launch in late 2018.

Others talk about launching the console in 2020. Although the year 2019 can also be very possible to debut the console.

PlayStation chief developer Mark Cerny went public with Wired with the first technical specifications of PS5 expected next year, there’s hardly another topic in the gaming community.

There’s a lot of speculation about how powerful the next-gen console will be and especially how it will beat Microsoft’s new Xbox in the race.

Really glad it seems to be that Sony has decided to use the PlayStation 5 on a modern solid state drive instead of a relatively slow, classic hard drive.

Players feel the move towards a fast SSD as a logical, and finally use PC gamers for years, the benefits of brisk mass storage.

Many console owners have upgraded their current generation to flash drives or put them on an external SSD.

Sony goes one step further with the PS5 and wants to build one of the fastest drives available on the market. On a PlayStation 5 DevKit, Cerny unveiled the PS4- developed Spider-Man game, which particularly benefits from the speed of the solid state drive.

The Sony footage was not published, but the colleagues of IGN have compared the comparison of the loading times between the PS4 Pro and the PS5 well according to the statements of Cerny.

He said that Peter Parker’s Fast Travel feature currently takes 15 seconds within New York. On the upcoming backwards compatible PlayStation 5, the process will be completed within 0.8 seconds.

Which came to an end on March 31, 2019. Based on the data presented, we can conclude that despite a slight slowdown in sales of equipment for the PlayStation4, the console itself is still selling at an impressive rate.

At the moment, 96.8 million copies of PS4 have been sold worldwide, which means the total number of sales will exceed the mark of 100 million units before PS5 is released.

During the reporting period, 17.8 million consoles were sold,

Whereas a year earlier this figure reached 19 million units. Statistics show that gaming devices from Sony continue to enjoy high popularity among users around the world. Of course, PS4 sales will decline after the next-generation console comes on the market, but it will take at least a year before this event since Sony recently announced that it will take at least 12 months to appear.
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This means that the PS4 has a whole year to overcome the mark of 100 million units sold.

The Sony report also says that sales and operating activities in the quarter amounted to $ 78.14 billion, which is 1% more than in the previous similar period. Analysts say that the gaming direction continues to be the most profitable for Sony.

SSD Size And Price Of The Console

How big the SSD will be in the next generation of consoles. Players have become accustomed to a terabyte of storage space, which should not be the best option.

In addition, game downloads are becoming increasingly popular, often dispensing with physical discs and storing titles up to 100 GB completely on the console’s internal memory.

In the end, everything will be a matter of price. Experts expect a launch of the PlayStation 5 next year and a price of 399 or 499 US dollars.

PS5 Specifications

In terms of hardware, which should get a new console from SONY, we already know a little more.

According to rumoursthe PlayStation 5 will have an eight-core APU on Zen-architecture and GP based Navi-accelerators.

Among other things, there is a rumour on the Internet that the fifth PS will be capable of producing as many as 240FPS and real 4K in video games.

No video accelerator is currently capable of delivering such performance in most modern game projects.

However, the PS5 will be an order of magnitude more powerful than the PS4 Pro – no doubt about that.

However, some sources claim that the PlayStation 5 will be used to promote virtual reality technology.

Pretty hard to say anything about the prices of the new SONY console. As you can remember, the price of the original PS4 was $ 400.


Approximately the same price tag had an improved version – PS4 Pro. Some users assume that the price of the PS5 will correspond to $ 400, but many still tend to believe that SONY will raise the price tag on the console to at least $ 450.

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